What can a psychotherapist do for my child and/or family?

Psychotherapy is recommended for individuals experiencing symptoms of psychological/emotional distress. If you are experiencing depression, anxiousness, fearfulness, anger or there is a sense of uncertainty in your life and/or you don't feel in control of your life, seeking help from a psychotherapist may help you work through it or learn how to better cope. If you and/or a loved one feel discontent, having problems that you are finding difficult to resolve on your own, or feel you are not living up to your potential, as a therapist I can help you and/or your loved one, through counselling, to further develop self-awareness and build on self esteem while encouraging and supporting your or their efforts in improving quality of life and overall well being.

Can I sit in during the sessions with my child?

An adult’s presence is welcome and in most cases anticipated. Your involvement as a caregiver is an important part of your child’s well being! Depending on the age and how the child is responding, it may be recommended that a few sessions are one on one with child-therapist, with the parent nearby of course.

How many sessions are recommended?

Treatment plans involving in-person sessions generally consist of 6-8 visits. Then we will revisit the treatment plan to see if further care is necessary. Short term, long term counselling and maintenance sessions are all available.

As a parent /guardian what can I be doing to contribute to the sessions and help my child?

Support, interest and understanding are very important throughout your child’s treatment process. They need to know that they are not alone or feel alone during the therapy duration. As therapist and you as the parent, it is important that we work together continuously ensuring the well being of your child. Your involvement and cooperation is imperative.

I feel, as a parent, that I will be judged and/or my child will be judged! Will we?

No, neither of you will be judged! As a psychotherapist my position entails developing and/or heightening an individual’s sense of his or her own well being. This includes examining and building on self awareness, self esteem and assertiveness, acknowledging that there is a psychological matter at hand. Learning how to cope with and overcome life challenges whether they involve an anxiety disorder, eating disorder, coping with a physical illness, learning challenges, mood disorder, relationships, sexual orientation, self esteem/assertive issues and/or stress, we will work together through the challenges that present themselves in your child’s life. This profession calls for an open mind and along with that I am pleased to offer a warm and caring environment where you can feel comforted in knowing that confidentiality and privacy is of the upmost importance, alongside your child’s overall well being!

How immediate will the results be?

Results vary with each individual youth depending on how complex the issues are. However, on average results can be seen within 3-4 sessions.

How much will this cost?

Costs vary so they are quoted after the initial free consultation visit. In many cases, private insurances or EAPs (work insurances) will cover an allotted amount of sessions. Or payments are accepted via mastercard, visa, cheque or cash. Keeping receipts for services provided are recommended in order to send in when tax time comes around.